Advantages of Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing - Explains the advantages of digital marketing compared to conventional marketing in this digital era.

The development of the business world today is strongly influenced by various kinds of technology and information or can even be said to have entered the digital world. The digital era requires you to master digital marketing or also known as digital marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing

The concept of digital marketing is to take advantage of the wide scope of various media such as radio, mobile devices, and the internet. This digital media will provide infographics about goods or services offered by businesses, especially a special emphasis on the brand of an item or service compared to conventional media. Especially on the internet media which is a powerful tool to skyrocket your digital marketing business.

Digital marketing media can reach unlimited people in any way

Digital marketing media is claimed to be able to reach all people, anytime, anywhere, and in any way. Of course this is far superior to conventional marketing which is only limited by time, location and user usage. Here are the advantages of digital marketing compared to conventional marketing:

Broad and global consumer reach

Users of digital marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google search engines, advertisements in online media, and advertisements on social media will certainly be able to reach a fairly broad consumer, anyone who accesses the array will reach advertisements or information about the services or services you provide. give. Not only from within their own country, they can even go abroad, even to the whole world.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business?

Combination of resources can maximize results

Talking about the basic concepts of digital marketing, you can freely maximize the resources that can support business activities in digital marketing. For example, by using official accounts on social media to make it look more elegant, professional, and trusted. Then coupled with campaigns through the media of YouTube stories such as several digital businesses which are becoming a trend at this time.

Estimating the number and range of potential customer specifications

The advantage that is very useful for business people is being able to predict the reach of consumers. You can target potential buyers or consumers based on age, interests, education level, gender, and everyday behavior that is monitored on social media.

The achievement time is relatively faster, easier and cheaper

Digital campaigns to increase business certainly have an impact or results that are much faster and cheaper than conventional methods. It hits potential customers faster because of its wide reach at the same time. While cheap on certain techniques, because the concept of digital marketing can also be expensive because the strategies implemented require a lot of resources.

This digital marketing broadly also has the same target as conventional marketing. That is the target so that potential consumers buy directly the products you offer, or change the perception and perspective of consumers on your product / brand.

Direct marketing for purchases only applies in the short term, i.e. the product is purchased and repeated purchases occur. However, broadcasting with brand objectives will have a long-term impact in the form of increasing brand popularity.

Even in the current digital marketing development, using the internet can be done with advertorials, namely news that displays your products. So that it will indirectly invite potential consumers who need to buy the products being marketed.

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