The Benefits of Promoting Through Digital Marketing for Your Business - The digital age has not only changed the way we access information faster, it is also changing the way we do business and promotion.

Digital Marketing is very important for business people in marketing their products or services. This is an effort to promote and market the brand using digital media, such as facebook, blog etc. Digital marketing is now a very popular strategy and is used by almost all businesses around the world. This is the impact of the increasing world of the internet and technology, making the internet a very prospective market.

Benefits of Promoting Through Digital Marketing for Your Business

The following is a review of the benefits of promotion through digital marketing for your business

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Internet users in Indonesia

More than 50% of internet users in business in this country. Data shows that your target consumers are now converging on various platforms in the digital world. For example, such as a website, blog, social media, youtube, or email.

Such high internet penetration has a positive effect in creating greater opportunities because the reach of your campaign can be wider. With digital promotional activities, distance, time, age, background, etc. There is no limit for you to promote openly.

Facilitating Information

The digital era has an impact on consumer behavior, consumer mindset and consumer shopping patterns, which now always prioritize interesting and educational information through the internet.

Both B2B and B2C, they are always looking for product information, reviews, references, and promotions about the products or services they will use through the internet. This opens an opportunity for you to provide complete and unlimited information to potential customers without having to visit them one by one (door-to-door sales).

Online 24 Hours

The path of promotional activities using digital marketing can be accessed 24 hours without stopping by more and more consumers. Digital marketing can be said as digital representatives who are able to replace a team of sales representatives when they are on vacation or resting.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business?

Facilitate Sales

The data above shows that digital marketing can lead to real sales. Not only product businesses, service/service-based businesses can gain turnover through the right digital marketing activities.

More Effective Measurement

Google analytics, and analytics reports from all digital advertising platforms is truly a marketing revolution in terms of providing more effective measurements if you are promoting through digital marketing. Compared to conventional advertisements such as magazines, radio or billboards, you will not get accurate reports such as; anyone who sees the ad, who responds, who buys, etc.

Cheaper Promotion Fee

In business, there may still be many who agree with "smallest expense, as much income as possible." By doing digital marketing, this is not impossible.

Digital promotions or advertisements are much cheaper than conventional promotions. How not, you don't need to spend a fantastic budget of tens of millions to be able to create a website that is active for a year.

In fact, you can start using digital ads starting from hundreds of thousands of rupiah per ad, and you only have to pay if someone is interested and clicks on your ad. Save money, right?!


With the many benefits and conveniences in terms of promotion that you can get if you do a digital marketing strategy, of course you want to immediately start promoting using digital marketing.

However, if you don't know where and how to start digital marketing activities, you can use the services of a marketing consultant or marketing agency such as SeputarMarketing which provides the most complete digital marketing services for your business.

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